SellCell Introduce New Partner – MCBuybacks

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 12.30.05

The Team at SellCell have added a NEW Mobile Phone & Tablet BuyBack Partner to the site today.  The introduction of MCBuybacks will continue the promise to offer the most comprehensive comparison for people selling their old phone or tablet


MCBuyBacks are a family owned business which has operated for over 7 years.  The company are based out of Houston in Texas. Sam Mytelka, Director of MCBuyBacks, explains the background to the business…


“Our mission is to provide a truly exceptional cell phone trade-in service and offer our customers reliability and trust.  We take pride in the level of care that we give to each device that enters our warehouse.  We put all cell phone devices through a detailed computer diagnostic that tests all software and hardware functionality to assure no margin for error during the valuation process”




Sam continues; “MCBuybacks believes in treating our customers as valued partners and having them know they can rely on our service. Our website is set up to make the buying process easy and transparent. We will quickly test and pay out on all devices that are received. Generally this process will take 24 hours from time of receipt. Paypal payments are received soon after and checks will be mailed that day.”


The Team at look forward to welcoming MCBuyBacks to the SellCell site. If you are looking to trade-in your old Mobile Phone or Tablet be guaranteed to get the Best Price for your device by visiting


Top 10 Most Traded-in Phones of 2018

Most traded in phones of 2018


As 2019 is well and truly in full swing, the Team at have started to reflect on the phones that were most traded in during 2018.  Which Top 10 phones did Americans trade-in and essentially dispose of?  What was the busiest day for selling old phones?  Take a read below as we reveal the most traded-in phones of 2018


Top 10 Most Traded-in Phones of 2018


2018 was one of the busiest years on record for phone trade-ins through SellCell.  Users flocked to the site in masses to find the best price for their old phone.  There were big spikes in sales post Christmas around New Year, across Black Friday (as impressive phone deals were revealed) and around key manufacturers launches


Interestingly, Apple iPhones take the first top 5 positions as the most traded in phones on SellCell in 2018 and 66% of the total number of trade-ins over the period across the full selection of phones on the site


1.  iPhone 6S


Most traded in phones of 2018



Top of the charts for the most traded in phone was the Apple iPhone 6S.  The 64GB model took nearly half of the sales over the 12 month period.  The device is still regarded by some Apple enthusiasts as one of the best iPhone models and certainly the fact that Apple sold it for 3 years actively is testament to the phones longevity.  The iPhone 6S has also over-performed as a device for years and the average user has held on to the device for longer than many other models.  Apple however in 2018 stopped selling the iPhone 6S through their website, which may have triggered users to decide to trade in their beloved 6S


2.  iPhone 6


Most traded in phones of 2018


Second on our list of the most traded in phones of 2018 is the iPhone 6.  The iPhone 6 was discontinued on September 7, 2016 when Apple announced the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. However it wasn’t until September 2018 that the iPhone 6 32GB model was discontinued with the announcement of the iPhone XR.  This no doubt sparked many users to decide that 2018 was the time to trade in their trusted iPhone 6.  The iPhone 6 has been the best selling iPhone with over 220 millions units sold across the world, so there will also be a lot of these units in the American market to trade-in.  With this in mind we expect this device still to be traded in for some time to come


3.  iPhone 7


Most traded in phones of 2018



iPhone 7 tips the chart at position three for the most traded in phone of 2018.  Many users held onto the iPhone 7 for the period of their contract and were actually rumoured to skip the iPhone 8 so traded in the 7 this year after buying one of the newer iPhone line up.  Generally people have held onto their iPhones for longer if this Guardian report is true 


4.  iPhone 7 Plus


Most traded in phone of 2018


Following its smaller brother the iPhone 7 Plus comes into the fold as the fourth most traded in phone of 2018.  According to Flurry Analytics the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus still holds a very high slot for the most sold phones in the US, even outperforming the new XS.  This continued and consistent sales since launch means that there are more iPhone 7 Plus in the US market and as such more to trade in vs other phones

5.  iPhone 6s Plus


Most traded in phone of 2018


The larger version of the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 6S Plus is the fifth most traded in phone through The iPhone 6S had the smaller 4.7-inch screen while the iPhone 6S Plus had a larger 5.5-inch one. The fact that you can still get $203 for trading in an iPhone 6S Plus is positive and would no doubt have encouraged many loyal users to trade in this year


6.  iPhone X


Most traded in phone of 2018


The iPhone X was launched on August 31, 2017.  There have been many reports that the iPhone X was one of the most unpopular iPhones ever launched, largely due to its price tag.  To the contrary, the Apple iPhone X emerged as the highest-selling smartphone during the first three months of the year 2018.  In May 2018, Tim Cook stated that the X was the best selling model each week in the recent quarter.  “The iPhone X is a beloved product,” he added.  Despite this public reverie the iPhone X sits firmly as number six in our Top 10 most traded in phones in the US.  The fact that the user can still make over $520 may make trading the phone in a popular route  – and last year they would have been valued even higher


7.  Samsung S7


Most traded in phones of 2018


The Samsung Galaxy S7 launched on 11 March 2016 and appears as the seventh most traded in phone on in 2018.  The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 in March 2018 led to the Samsung S8 being dropped in price.  Users may have seen this as time to buy into a newer version and sell on their old S7


8.  iPhone 8 Plus


Most traded in phone of 2018


Back on the scoreboard are iPhones again. This time we see in position 8 the iPhone 8 Plus. The phone was launched only on September 22nd 2017.  SellCell data confirms that the biggest percentage of these devices were traded in around the launch of the new iPhone XR launch date in October, more or less a year on since the iPhone 8 Plus hit the shelves.  Yet less than one year on we see some good volume of these devices being traded in.  We can see why though as even today’s value is pretty good, still fetching $431


9.  Samsung S8


Most traded in phone of 2018


In 9th position for the most traded-in phones of 2018 is the Samsung Galaxy S8.  Launched in April 2017, less than a year later it hits the Top 10 as one of the most disposed of devices on  The availability of the Samsung S9, may have spurred on a flurry of trade-ins. Interestingly most of these devices were traded in around the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9


10.  Samsung S7 Edge


Most traded in phones of 2018



The final device on the leaderboard of the most traded in phones of 2018 is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. In position ten this device launched in February 2016.  Voted by the likes of TechRadar as the 2016 Smartphone of the Year, it still is perceived to be one hell of a great phone, but the recent launches of newer Samsung flagship models have no doubt caused loyalists to move on with the technology and kiss the S7 goodbye


What Was the Busiest Trade-in Day of 2018?

Black Friday - Busiest time for phone trade in


It will be no surprise that one of the busiest trade-in periods for selling an old phone was around November 2018, notably Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Officially the busiest day of 2018 for trade- in was 7th November 2018 – around 2 weeks before Black Friday and just as the pre- Black Friday sales hit!  What a bunch of savvy traders!  New Year and Apple & Samsung manufacturer launch periods also saw a huge spike in trade- ins.


So there you have it, a round up of the most traded-in phones of 2018.  SellCell predict that the iPhone 7 and the Samsung S8 will appear right at the top of the list in 2019, but we will report more next year.  If you want to be guaranteed to get the best price for selling your old phone visit


New Feature – Customer Ratings Added to Comparison

SellCell add reviews to the Comparison


The team at, the US’s leading phone & tablet trade-in comparison site, have added a new feature today to make our comparison offering even better for our users!


As well as listing the prices for all phones and tablets from leading BuyBack companies, we have now introduced up to date reviews for each Buyer from Trusted Independent Review Sites. These authoritative review sites include TrustPilot, Reseller Ratings and the Better Business Bureau


The Better Business Bureau (BBB), focuses on advancing marketplace trust amongst buyers and sellers.  Users can leave a review about a business and the BBB will also look to provide an accreditation about the business on an A+ to F rating system


Trustpilot is the world’s largest Independent Review Site & Reseller Ratings are one of the US’s biggest online rating sites.  Both review sites have a star system, where users can rate the business by the number of stars and also provide commentary about their recent experience



Benefits for the User



Review and Ratings Comparison


The new Review Comparison feature will now allow the seller to make a more informed decision about which BuyBack Partner they want to send their device into. As well as being able to identify the best price for their device they can also review that BuyBack companies customer rating


Sarah Johnson of SellCell comments…. “Feedback from SellCell users clearly shows that as well as getting the maximum value for their device, they also want to know that they will be dealing with a trusted, reputable business. We vet every partner before putting them live on our comparison site, but we also believe in transparency for our users by offering them the opportunity to see the live ratings and reviews for each partner.  Users are more inclined to select a business that has a good review rating from an authoritative review body”


Sarah continues “We always want to provide the most comprehensive comparison experience for users who want to sell their device, so introducing independent reviews is a great way for customers to make a confident, well-rounded decision when selecting a BuyBack partner on”


If you want to trade in your old phone or tablet and review the best BuyBack Companies in one central place visit Find out how much your device is worth today!


When is the Best Time to Sell your Phone?

When the best time to sell your phone?


Mobile Phones are now a big investment for us all – period!  Whether you stumped up the cash upfront or spread payments over a contract, the average cost of a mobile phone is $400


A new phone is definitely a serious, informed purchase.  So it is really important to make sure you are aware of the key times when your phone could be at risk of losing big amounts of value to ensure that you get the maximum amount of cash for your phone


Will My Phone Keep Declining in Value?


Does my phone decrease in value?


The answer simply is yes! It’s no great mystery that mobile phones quickly depreciate in value as soon as you purchase and open the box.  To get maximum value, the newer the phone the more a Mobile Phone BuyBack company will pay for the device


Similarly to cars, tablets and lots of technologies there are constant updates to the phones operating systems and functionality presenting users with enhanced options and as a result users look at newer versions


As a phone is a large investment, it is key to plan the time when your phone could be subject to the biggest losses and ensure that you are selling your phone at the optimal time and getting the very best amount of cash for it


Phones Lose their Value the Fastest in the first 12 Months


Brand new phones often see the greatest and fastest losses in value in the first 12 months since release. As an example, roughly around 10 months after the release of the iPhone 7 the prices of the handset dropped by circa 54% 


Even Samsung phones have seen some big losses in the first year since the release.  The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, for example was released to the public to buy on September 15, 2017. In just 4 weeks in the October, there were price slashes of $99 already


Phones Decrease Radically in Value as an New Model is Released


Will a new phone launch reduce the value of my phone?


Phones undeniably lose their value with age, but one of the key reasons for the loss in value is around the manufacturer’s annual launch of new devices. Most major manufacturers release brand new phones every year, so the old phone has to make way for the new phones higher value and therefore will lose some of the original ticket price


With recent Apple launches the price of older iPhones can drop by over $100 in the first week that a new release has been announced according to our data


The clear message is that ALL phones don’t hold their initial ticket price for long – and there are heavy drops to make way for new phones on the block


How do I Time the Sale of my Device around the Launch of a new Phone?


It’s easy to work out the best time to buy a new phone and indeed sell your old one, if you remain loyal to the same manufacturer.   From previous years there are clear times each year when manufacturers announce and pre-launch a new range of phones, Apple usually September each year and Samsung around February to April


So, a smart time to sell a device to avoid big losses in value is around two weeks prior to the launch of a new device.  Our research indicates that the day after the launch announcement the value of the older models can lower by $100’s specially across Apple devices..  Ouch!


So why not borrow a phone from a friend for a few weeks and sell before that all important launch occurs. Most BuyBack companies will offer 14 days to send in devices – and hold the value initially quoted, so this may also help to void the gap between when your phone is sold and getting that all new device . So don’t leave it too late and avoid the big crashes in value


An Older Device May be Worth Less as it Develops more Faults


Will the value of my phone decrease if broken?


Another real downside to holding on to the phone for too long is that not only is there an organic depreciation in value, but there is also a greater chance that the device can be scratched, damaged or the battery can also wear down


Over time batteries, charging ports and chips in devices naturally run down, erode and deteriorate, which will lessen the overall value of the phone


Cosmetic and functional issues can cause a substantial loss of value and sometimes this can be caused by holding onto the device for too long


So, When is the best time to Sell my Phone?


The best time to sell your old phone is straight away. As soon as you are thinking of buying a new one or if it becomes redundant.


Your old phone will not increase in value sitting on a shelf, so the quicker that you can get the phone sold will ensure a better value


Also, make sure to get the maximum value for your phone avoid the the periods where big loses can occur!


So there really is no time like the present to look at getting your old device sold to get the maximum value!







So if this information has prompted you to review the options available to sell your old phone, visit the US’s largest mobile phone & tablet trade-in comparison site


Here you will be presented with the very best prices available for your old device across all of the US’s most established BuyBack companies – all on one place


Don’t hesitate, and make that extra cash today! Visit





5 Top Tips to Make Extra Cash after Christmas

Saving money at christmas


Have you overspent in preparation for Christmas? Have the pressures of that brand new gadget on your child’s Christmas list left your credit cards maxed out?  Join the club!


As New Year approaches the need to pay for the excesses of the Christmas period becomes a reality.  With savings depleted and credit cards looking a bit sorry for themselves, what can you quickly do to make a few extra bucks?


Tip 1: Sign up to get Cashback




Cashback companies have been in existence for over a decade, but there are still a massive proportion of the US population that haven’t signed up to one of these programmes to save money!  Cashback sites, simply partner with the some of the leading online retailers to offer you cashback when you buy an item off the retailers sites


Popular cashback sites are Befrugal and Ebates.  With these sites you can sign up to receive cashback against your favourite retail purchases


Tip 2: Become a Mystery Shopper




You can make some extra money by becoming a Mystery Shopper.  To do this, you will be asked to secretly review a whole host of services.  These can include overnight stays in hotels or the speed of service in a popular retailer.  Most of the Mystery Shopper services will pay a fee for completing the work


You can visit these sites to sign up to become a Mystery Shopper and potentially earn some extra money – BestMark Market Force


Tip 3: Sell your Old Mobile Phones & Tablets




Many of you will have brought a new phone and left the old phone in the drawer at home, forgetting to sell it or thinking it may be used in the future. Alternatively, you will have upgraded your device and relied on the carrier network to take our old device off your hands for a significantly lower fee


To make the maximum amount of money when selling your old phones or tablets it is worth looking to sell through a Mobile Phone Buy Back Company that specialises in buying old phones and tablets


To make sure that you are getting the very best price for your old device you can visit comparison sites like SellCell.  These professional comparison sites will list a range of the leading BuyBack companies in the US. also offers a ‘Price Match Guarantee’ to users to ensure that they are offered the very best price for their old phone or tablet


Tip 4: Reviewing Websites & Apps




If you love reviewing websites and testing out apps on your mobile, you could earn up to $60 per test for trialling new sites and apps.  Sites like give you the opportunity to review a brand new website or an app that is about to launch


Once you have completed the review you will simply provide your verbal opinion.  Sounds nice and simple to provide a extra dollars for the New Year!


Tip 5: Rent out a Spare Parking Space


parking space


If you have a spare place on your driveway, or could easily park in the your garage, believe it or not you can make an extra few dollars by renting out this space.  Happy Days!


There are some well established online partners that will happily advertise the space you have available and provide payment when it is booked


Take a look at  Your Parking Space and Park on my Drive



There you have it, 5 simple and easy ways of avoiding the January Blues by ensuring that you have some additional revenue in the New Year


Why not make a start by selling your old tablets or phones by visiting to get the most comprehensive range of prices from leading US BuyBack companies



Top Mobile Phone Deals Predicted for Black Friday 2018

top mobile phone deals 2018

Black Friday is less than one month away, but as a nation of bargain hunters, we expect there to be some outstanding savings to be made across all tech items, including new mobile phones and tablets

Ahead of November 23 the team at anticipate that there will be a good selection of discounts and deals across mobile phone and tablets that will create a huge surge in the number of old devices being traded in on SellCell.  The number of old devices traded in across November increases by 25% as users frantically try to generate some cash to support the Black Friday offers, that are often too good to refuse, across all key phone and tablet manufacturers

If 2017 helps to draw any predictions of what deals are to come, the best cell phone offers may come from actual online and high street retailers and not from the carriers. There were many deals too from gadget sellers offering gift cards from $100 to $350 with the purchase of a brand new Apple or Samsung Phone

Apple Black Friday Deal Predictions

iPhone XS & New iPad 2018



It’s predicted that the new phones and tablets that have been launched this year could be heavily discounted by some of the key retailers like Walmart & Target to follow the trends of recent years.  Hot on the anticipated deals list is the brand new iPad 2018 which could see savings of up to $30 dropping to around $299 from $330

It is still being debated if the all new iPhone XS may be at a reduced price for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There may not be the bigger price cuts seen across other phones and tablets but the carriers may produce better deals to tie you in to a brand new iPhone, similar to the gift card/ voucher deals that were really popular in 2017

Samsung Black Friday Deal Predictions

Samsung Note 9 & Galaxy S9

Samsung Note 9 & Samsung S9


Historically Samsung has shown some reasonable offers for the purchase of newly launched devices, so there stands a good chance that the S9 and Note 9 will too be priced attractively on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Against the grain of recent launches the Samsung Galaxy S9 did not sell as many devices as predicted and as such the company many have more stock to move  – as such the deals on November 23 could be very tasty


Sell your Old Device Now to Get the Best Value for it – prior to the Black Friday Deals



Many people will use Black Friday and Cyber Monday as an opportunity to buy into a brand new contract or upgrade their own cell.  Why not, it’s likely that the best deals are going to be on offer. But, if you are really savvy you should be thinking of making sure that you get the very best value for your existing device to fund your Black Friday purchase. Now, is actually the best time to get the maximum value for your old phone or tablet before the prices drop radically in the Black Friday Sales and their value diminishes somewhat

The traffic on at this time reaches a high as people try to find the very best price for their old device by reviewing the top, vetted Buy Back companies in the US

With weeks to go before the Black Friday sales hit, get the maximum value for your old device by visiting today

SellCell Add FairTrade Cellular as Buy Back Partner

Fair Trade Logo 3, the USA’s largest comparison site for Mobile Phone & Tablet Recyclers believes in offering customers the widest comparison experience. This means having a good range of Buy Back Partners on the site to offer the best comparison journey for a customer trading in an old mobile phone or tablet. only add trusted, vetted and established mobile phone Buy Back partners, so the comparison experience with end users is simple and informative and they can speedily determine which company they want to use as their trade in partner.


To ensure that we are always refreshing the range of buyers, SellCell have recently added FairTrade Cellular to the comparison site.


James Spears, Owner of FairTrade Cellular, is very proud of the business that he has created – a business based on care and trust for it’s customers. James comments; “Fair Trade Cellular is a small, family-owned business. Everyone who touches your phone at Fair Trade Cellular is a part-owner of the company and a family member. We care about having a successful transaction with you. We want you to walk away feeling like you’ve been treated fairly and that we’ve been honest. If both parties can’t say that we were happy with the transaction, we’ll gladly return your phone to you at our cost. We’ve been buying used cell phones from individuals for over a decade. You can trust us to do what we say we’re going to do!”


SellCell only partner with trusted, knowledgeable and established Mobile Phone Recyclers to ensure that both business and members of the public feel reassured with their choice of buy back company.


With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas Shopping periods approaching, if you are planning to take advantage of the many great deals around for a new mobile phone, now if the time to visit Come to the site and view all of our Buy Back Partners and be sure that you are getting the absolute best value for your old mobile device @



SellCell.Com Introduce Swift Tech Buy as New BuyBack Partner

Swift Tech Buy, the US’s largest comparison site for trading in used mobile phones, has added another top rated BuyBack Partner, Swift Tech Buy. SellCell compares all of the leading mobile phone BuyBack companies in the US.  Once the SellCell Team are happy that each company have passed the required quality checks we add to the site as an Approved SellCell Trusted Partner.

Who are SwiftTechBuy?

Swift Tech Buy was established in Mid-2017. Prior to that Swift Tech Buy had a wealth of experience already in the phone trade in business through retail stores.


Ahmed Bagoun, Founder comments; ” When we were unable to purchase a device from a customer we often referred them to online Buyback companies. We noticed that customers viewed the online selling experience as lengthy and complicated process, so we set out a mission to make selling a phone online a more seamless process through our own portal”.


He continues; “We make the process more seamless by giving the customer the option to not only sell via our online sales portal but also get a quote by sending us a text with their device’s information. We also addressed the issue with payments by sending direct deposit payment to the customer’s bank account thus avoiding PayPal fees or checks (we still offer those). We are one of very few companies to offer the Direct Deposit payment method and often try to process the payments 24 hours from receiving the phone. We also make customer service more personal by accepting customer inquiries via text messages. So if you are looking to Sell your Phone we think you will love the Swift Tech Buy experience”.


Swift Tech Buy have a well established Team that support customers throughout the whole Trade in Process. (From left to right)


Ahmed Bagoun:  Founder

Hayder Sati:   Sales manager

Mohamed Sati:   Repair Technician

Bradley Riddell:  Blog Writer & Curator

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 14.05.42


Swift Tech Buy are an Approved SellCell Trade In Partner.  SellCell offer a best price guarantee to our users as we are so confident that our site can deliver customers the best value and experience for their old device.


Visit and get the best price for your old phone today!


SellCell.Com Add QuickSell as BuyBack Partner

QuickSell-Logo, the US’s largest comparison site for selling used mobile phones, is proud to add a new, trusted buyer to the site, QuickSell. SellCell offers users a comparison of the US’s most trusted mobile phone buyback companies, ensuring users get the best value and experience when looking to trade in their old device. By reviewing the prices and services of a large selection of the best buyback companies in the US, users ensure they are always getting the highest value for their device across buyers that have already been vetted by the SellCell Team.


Partners that are introduced to the comparison experience have already been rigorously checked by the SellCell Recruitment Team, to ensure that they offer users the speediest, simplest and best value when selling their old devices.


What makes QuickSell a good BuyBack Partner? was started in 2016 with the mission of offering the most competitive prices for secondhand electronics while maintaining best-in-class customer service.  Through clear communication and honest business ethics, QuickSell have worked hard to ensure our customers feel confident when doing business with them.


Josh at QuickSell explains “We offer top dollar for individuals looking to sell their new, used, cracked, or damaged iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches.


He continues.. “As soon as an order is placed with QuickSell, a prepaid shipping label and packing slip are sent by email explaining the next steps.  A member of the support team will send a follow up-email after the order is placed to assist further. Once a customer’s trade-in order is received, a notification email is sent confirming delivery.  From there, a number of diagnostic tests are run on each device to verify the model and condition match up with the order details”.


“Our promise is to inspect devices fairly, and if we find that a device does not match what was described in the order, an email will be sent with pictures and/or a detailed explanation outlining the findings.  If a revised offer is made based on inspection findings, customers will have the option to either accept the updated offer and have their payment issued, or decline the offer and have their device shipped back free of charge. We guarantee to pay the full quoted amount or we’ll ship the device back free of charge. Lastly, customers can select one of three different payment methods:  PayPal, electronic check, or standard paper check”.


QuickSell are one of the many highly rated buyback companies that offer users a great experience when selling your old phone. If you want to ensure that you get the very best price for your old device, ensure you visit to check out a range of prices across top BuyBack companies.   

Visit and get the best price for your old phone today!

MWC 2018 – Here’s The Latest News



It’s finally here! After weeks of anticipation the mobile technology event of the year has arrived! With some of the leading brands in the mobile and tablet industry expected to showcase their latest and greatest pieces of tech, this event is surely not one to miss.

The rumours and leaks have been in abundance this year, with big announcements from Nokia, Huawei and Sony expected as well a Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will be making its first appearance to the public.

No matter what the rumours say, it all falls down to the opening day. We will be showing you what you can expect to see in Barcelona today…

Say hello to the Samsung Galaxy S9/ S9 Plus

Undoubtedly the most anticipated phone of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S9/ S9 Plus has already been unveiled to the press and many journalists and gadget experts have witnessed the flagship device in action.

Many of the rumours were true. When glancing at the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Samsung Galaxy S8, aesthetically, there is not a huge difference between the latest and the latter. But it’s not what’s on the outside that makes this phone so appealing. The phone now boasts an upgraded camera, a fresh facial recognition system and (like the iPhone X) all new AR Emojis?

Both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are available for pre-order come March 2nd for around $719.99. A little bit cheaper than the launch price of the S8, just under a year ago.

New Technology from Sony

Sony has once again delivered with their latest flagship device. The Xperia X2 is an upgrade for those looking for a smarter and sleeker phone compared to its earlier models. As expected, the camera is once again phenomenal and the phone is following trends with it’s thin bezels. But it’s its brand new features such as a Dynamic Vibration System which makes this device stand out. The system uses vibrations when watching media, enhancing your experience. It’s little brother, the Sony Xperia X2 Compact will also be making an appearance too.
Nokia are back with a bang!

Nokia have already been making noise over the past year with the release of the Nokia 7 and the re-release of the classic 3310. This convention, Nokia are showing off four new smartphones including the Nokia 1, Nokia 6, Nokia 7 Plus and the Nokia 8 Sirocco.

Hoping to squeeze their way to the top of the mid-range market, Nokia are releasing a flagship phone – the Nokia 8 Sirocco, boasting a beautiful 5.5inch OLED screen, fingerprint scanning and the ever-popular dual camera. Coming in at a whopping $749, is the price just a little too expensive?

Last year saw the return of the 3310, this year the banana phone is back. The Nokia 8810, formerly known as the banana phone, is being re-released with a 2018 upgrade. The iconic device now comes with 4G, but don’t worry, still maintains that everlasting battery.

New Tablets From Huawei

There is very little info on these device at the moment. One thing that can be certain is that there is a range of tablets under the series name: The MediaPad 5. The tablets are expected to be expensive and fall into higher end of the market but information is sparse and these details may change as the week concludes.

The LGV30 gets an upgrade

It’s big, it’s thin and it looks like the LGV30…. It’s the LGV30S ThinQ. The phone does have some great new features but they are ever so similar to both Samsung and Apple’s recent ventures. AR, bigger storage and a slightly improved camera. There’s not much more to add really…

A surprise from Alcatel HQ

Alcatel are known for their budget phones. For many, it’s a trusty backup for those that have broken or smashed their main device. Your opinion may be swayed with the recent launch of the Alcatel 5. The latest phone from Alcatel has a number of cool features such as facial recognition, a dual selfie camera and a great display screen which are popular among mid-range and flagship phones, however at just $280, this budget phone packs a hefty punch with a little cost.

As you all can imagine, Samsung are currently stealing the show with the Galaxy S9/S9 Plus and after their opening show last night, it is surely going to stay on the lips of all entrants this week.

It seems that a lot of the big-named companies have held back this year, which is understandable after observing the snowballing hype for Samsung’s latest flagship phone. However it’s Nokia and Alcatel that have took the press by surprise and it seems that both companies are looking to gain tracks over the next week.

Interested in buying one of the phones or tablets mentioned above? If you are looking to sell your old device check out, we offer the best price for your old device. Click here to see our unbeatable prices.