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Archive for the ‘Press’ Category Featured On ABC News (VIDEO)

One thing we pride ourselves on at is the ability to put trust into the thousands of people that use our site on a daily basis. With so many buyback companies out there willing to take your phone, and give you incredible cash returns, people can often be lulled into a false sense of […]

NBC News at 5 Feature (VIDEO)

I’m not going to lie, we love it when we appear or get a mention on TV. So it is with great pleasure that NBC News at 5 featured us in one of their recent reports. The stats used in the TV clip you are about to see, were taken from a survey we created […]

iPhone Customers Trading Up to Samsung Galaxy S4

In light of the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch recently, we collected some data on the amount of iPhone trade-ins that were passed through the site before and after the launch. We don’t usually see big trade-ins unless Apple release a new iPhone, so it certainly shows that the Galaxy S4 is making waves. Total smartphone […] Showcased in VentureBeat Galaxy S4 Post

We always take pride when a tech site uses stats that we have pulled together, so it goes without saying that we are pleased with our recent coverage on During the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch we were keeping tabs on the amount of trade-ins going through our site, but more specifically which phone manufacturers […] Gets Mention On The Business Insider

A few weeks ago, we conducted a survey on how many people keep a spare phone in their house or apartment. From this data, we could then clearly see that more than half of Americans are sitting on an average of $171, without realizing it. On a Nationwide scale, this figure is a booming $33.8 […]

Sell Cell Featured In AARP Post on Unwanted Electronics

Last week we managed to get some coverage on the AARP site, after we conducted a survey that showed Americans are sitting on a total of $34 billion worth of old or unused cell phones. What is more staggering is that 25 percent of that $34 billion is made up of old Apple iPhone’s.

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