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About Cell It Used

Cell It Used

Cell It Used are leaders in the electronics recycling industry and help provide individuals the chance to sell their old cell phones online whilst also giving an important helping hand to the environment that we live in.

The company aim to offer the best prices in the market, and make use of a Get Paid to Upgrade program giving the customer real value for new and used cell phones. At the moment there is estimated to be more than 200 million cell phones that have been left in drawers, closets and dumped in the trash, and according to Cell It Used this number could go beyond the 350 million mark by the time we see 2015.

Cell It Used offers a collection of cell phone recycling options, including:

  • Old Cell Phone Trade In
  • New Cell Phone Trade In
  • Broken Cell Phone Trade In

How Can I Sell My Cell With Cell It Used?

  • There are 3 easy steps to start selling your old cell phones with Cell It Used, and the first one is as easy as they get. You will need to locate the cell phone you wish to sell by searching for the make and model on the Cell It Used site. To do this simply use the sites search navigation drop down menu featured on the left hand side near the top.
  • Once you have successfully selected the phone, you can see the price currently offered by Cell It Used, if you are happy you can proceed by printing your shipping label ready to send off your phone, or waiting for Cell It Used to send you the shipping materials through the mail.
  • After Cell It Used have received your cell phone, tested it out and processed it. You can sit back and relax, then wait up to 14 days for your personalized pre-paid VISA debit card.

Facts About Cell It Used

  • Cell It Used send out free shipping materials.
  • Cell It Used help to raise money for schools and charity organizations.
  • Cell It Used state that unused cell phones could reach 350 million across the states by 2015.

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