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About Newtons Head

Newton's Head

The quirky name given to this recycler, Newton's Head, combines well with the industry they are in. Why I hear you ask? Well if you have heard of the legend of Sir Isaac Newton and the Apple then you can skip down a paragraph, if not we will clear up the name of the company here.

Why Newton's Head?

Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity sitting under and apple tree when an apple fell and hit his head, he then realised that the force behind the apple falling was a gravitational pull. So Newton's Head was setup for fallen apples, and they specialise only in Apple products.

How to Sell Your Phone

Selling your old devices is simple and easy, and you will feel good with the fact that you are doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint, while of course making cash on selling your old Apple cell phone, iPod or iPad.

Step 1. To start with you will need to get a quote on the device by clicking on the image that matches your Apple gadget on the Newton's Head homepage. You will then need to choose the model (so if you are selling an iPhone, you will need to find out what generation of iPhone it is: iPhone 4S, and the memory it holds: 32GB).

Step 2. Now that Newtons Head have identified the phone you want to sell you will need to provide a few quick details on it. So firstly select the condition it is in using the buttons down the middle. You can choose from Brand New, Excellent, Good, Poor or even Broken. Then the next screen you can add accessories that you want to send with the cell phone: Box, Cable, AC Adapter or Headphones. You can then view the price offered and take it, or leave it.

Step 3. If you have decided to take the offer that Newtons Head have put on the table you can checkout by creating a quick account with the site so they know who you are, who to pay, how to pay and where to send details. Once logged in you can then chose which payment option you would like from Check or Paypal, and whether you want to print your shipping label from home or whether you want Newtons Head to send you a prepaid mailer.

Step 4. Sit back, have a cup of coffee and wait for your payment to reach you. Payments will usually be issued within a 24 hour time period after receiving your device.

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