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Press is the US's no. 1 cell phone recycling price comparison site. An independent and impartial site it works by comparing the prices from ALL of the US's leading cell phone buyers. It compares prices from more phone buyers than any other site so you are guaranteed to always get the most money for your old cell phone! In the UK, SellCell's sister site is also the top comparison site. is happy to help members of the press in anyway possible with articles about the cell phone recycling industry. We can provide anything you need such as industry statistics, quotes, opinion, insight and advice

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  • told eWEEK that in the month leading up to the iPhone 5's introduction, resales and trades of iPhones were up nearly 434 percent


  • Check a price comparison site before sending to make sure you’re getting the most cash


  • At, August’s iPhone trade-ins were up a whopping 800 percent

    Laptop Mag

  • I think the consumer is actually waking up to the idea that they shouldn’t just hang onto their old phone

    Boston Globe

  • SellCell, the sell-your-old-smartphone site, says that iPhone trade-ins are five times higher in August 2012

    Venture Beat

  •, a place for consumers to trade in their old smartphones, reported on Thursday that trade-ins for iPhones were up 800

    Vator TV

  • By the way, if you're thinking about trading up, check out a few of these companies that help you resell or recycle your old gadgets

    Cool Mom Tech

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Facts and Figures about Mobile Phone Recycling &

  1. The number of wireless subscriptions in the US and now exceed the population ( CTIA Dec 2011) and as the average length of customer carrier contract is reducing – now 48 months on average (PWC North American wireless industry survey April 2012), then the mountain of old cell phones is growing..

  2. Average value of a mobile phone traded in is $77 (source: - September 2012)

  3. Old Cell phones depreciate in value quickly and average 10% in a given month (source: - September 2012)

  4. The most popular handsets traded in are viewable here:

  5. The highest value handsets are viewable here: in the News

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