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How To Switch Your IPhone To 24 Hour Clock

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Most people have their own reasons when it comes to whether they use the 12 hour or 24 hour clock. A lot of people in today's digital world tend to prefer the 24 hour clock which easily seperates each hour of the day, and then you have the US military who work on a 24 hour clock as standard practice and would probably feel lost on a 12 Hour clock.

The default clock on the iPhone is the 12 Hour model, which means you will see the AM and PM appended to the numbers that show on the screen.

What if you want to change to the 24 hour clock?

Follow these quick steps:

Step 1. Tap the settings option on your iPhone

Step 2. Now tap the General option

Step 3. Now tap the Date & Time option

Step 4. Here you will be able to select the 24 hour option (or vice versa) by just setting it to ON.

Now your iPhone will be running on the 24 hour clock, which will also reflect on the lock screen, and any apps that have a time display (such as mail).

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