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About Simply Sellular

Simply Sellular

There are a variety of different cell phone recyclers around at the moment, and as the concept picks up pace how do you choose the right one? Simply Sellular aren't just any trade in company they offer fundraising opportunities for individuals schools, local businesses and even Churches.

Firstly we will point out that it won't cost you a cent and everything from shipping materials to pre-paid labels are all taken care of by Simply Sellular.

So how does the process at work?

  • 1. Once you visit the Simply Sellular site you will see a 'find your phone' facility on the top left. Here you can use the drop down menus and select your cell phone's Manufacturer and Model. So for example, if you want to sell an Apple iPhone 4 then you will need to search for Apple in the top drop-down and iPhone 4 in the second drop-down. This will then return a page where you can see the phone and the price that Simply Sellular offer).
  • 2. If you are happy with the price offered you can then chose to sell it with by clicking the sell this phone button which will add it to your cart, where you can then checkout. The checkout process is quick and easy, and all it takes is a few details from you which include: entering your shipping information (so Simply Sellular can send you the necessary shipping materials for you to send your gadget in), providing a telephone number, and your name. Once this has been completed you need to click the Submit button to confirm that your order has been placed.
  • 3. When you come to sending off your gadget you will be pleased to know that Simply Sellular offer FREE shipping via a pre-paid label, so you don't have to put your hand in your pocket.
  • 4. The final step is just waiting for your cash. Once Simply Sellular receive your old gadget, they will inspect it to make sure that everything matches up from your order, and then payment will be issued to you.

If you are wondering how Simply Sellular pay you, they send out a check which will reach you in around a 45 day period.

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