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About TradeinSPOT

TradeinSPOT are a well established company that deals with trading of electronic gadgets in a green and environmentally friendly way. Starting in 2002 Unified Group (the company behind are no newcomers to the recycling industry and have recently moved to a 30,000 sq foot warehouse facility - helping their business to grow. So TradeinSPOT are a company that you can trust.

To sell your cell phone with TradeinSPOT couldn't be any simpler, and in a few steps the process will be complete.

The Three Step Process

So, you are now ready to sell your phone:

Step 1. Search for the model by using the search box on the homepage of the TradeinSPOT website. This will bring back a list of the phones that match yours, and this is where you can select the same phone that you want to sell by clicking the "Trade In" button below the phone. Once this has been done you will get an estimated value and a condition question on if the phone is in fully working order or not.

Step 2. You will need to fill in your information so that TradeinSPOT can send you shipping materials as well as being able to send you further details by email. This part you will also get to chose how you would like to get paid, and then finalize your order.

Step 3. All that needs to be done now is to send off your phone through the mail, and then sit back and wait for the cash to get to you.

Dig out your old phones today and see what TradeinSPOT can do for you.

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